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Deeply rooted in the core area of Suzhou industrial park, ShingeSun has been focusing on precision metal processing services since its establishment in 2006.

After years of continuous development, ShingeSun has now developed into a modern enterprise with an area of 60,000 square meters and more than 1,650 employees. We have set up overseas sales representative offices in the United States and Singapore and will set the third manufaturing site in Malaysia in 2024.

ShingeSun has obtained more than 180 patents and our products are widely used in mobile phones, computers, 5G, new energy vehicles, smart wearables, smart sports equipment and other fields. We have successfully established cooperation with world well-known enterprises, such as Apple, PMI, Cisco, Sony, Wacom and have won the trust and recognition of customers for our excellent quality, innovative technology and first-class service.

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France’s €2,000 e-bike subsidy goes live, adds second-hand option

The French Government has now followed through on an earlier commitment to offer any resident a state-funded bike or e-bike subsidy of up to €2,000. The scheme now even includes the chance to use the aid to buy a second-hand unit sold by a professional outlet.The pioneering scheme has one key aim – that is […]


European electric bike sales on course to overtake bicycle sales in the coming years

Total electric bike sales across Europe look to be on course to overtake bicycle sales in the next few years, according to data presented to the industry at the Eurobike show in Frankfurt.The trend is as much to do with declining bike sales than growth in e-bike sales, which while rising steadily and predictably for the past […]


Ireland passes laws to make e-scooters legal and rule out insurance need on e-bikes

Legislation changes in Ireland signed of at the tail end of last year confirm that electric bike and electric scooter riders will not be forced to have mandatory insurance, as other vehicle classes do and that e-scooters are now road legal.By law, an electric bike remains, legally speaking, a bicycle (unless it can be assisted beyond 15.5mph),In […]